PM me for more details. Here is what I found so far about some 3COM network card models. After googling into some old obscure web discussions, those messages led to an answer. Unfortunately, Win9x does not have built-in drivers for these. I have one of these running in a P system. Also had a d-link that was trouble free, and an intel one.

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3Com Fast EtherLink 3C90x NIC

At some point I swapped to 3cs, various versions, and they seem trouble free for 98,xp. I have to say that it let me down. Also had a d-link that was trouble free, and an intel one. This windws what was wrong for all that time. Finally under some but only a minority linux boot discs, I saw some interesting error messages.

Starting about 5 years ago, that laptop was unstable. Funny you should mention the 3Com 3CTX.

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. As long as i can get drivers and they’re working reliably I personally don’t care what brand they are. What about ISA slot network cards? When I first started to network my PCs, I bought these cards because they were cheaper than most others.


And you can buy them for next to nothing. They “just work” but I have no idea how these compare to other cards. Strange how they keep updating the Dos drivers though.

I swapped out the card and the laptop has been stable ever since.

VOGONS • View topic – What are the best retro ISA and PCI slot network cards?

If you install the Intel utilities then they also have lots of configuration widnows, but honestly that’s rarely useful. For my rather modern rigs, I just use the onboard NIC. Intel Pro S is a server adapter, and my personal favorite.

I didn’t want to use “magic packet”, but that’s all the linux driver enables. I’ve always just stuck with them for my legacy builds because I was used to them. PM me for more details.

3Com 3C905C-TX-M User Manual: Windows 95 And Windows 98

Last edited by tayyare on windiws I also have a Zyxel GN gigabit adapter with windows 95 and 98 compatibility but never tried it yet. Never had any issues and have all arrived brand new and sealed. After googling into some old obscure web discussions, those messages led to an answer.

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3Com Fast EtherLink 3C90x NIC Driver – TechSpot

My P3 era Thinkpad also had a similar Intel card in it, I’m not sure exactly what chip it’s based on but it uses the same x driver.

I’m sure there’s lots of good options that are just as well supported, and if you use Win95, maybe something older would be needed. That laptop has both 3Com and Intel cards available, so from now on I prefer the windiws. Beyond 95, pci nics seem to work without issue as far as I found. Users browsing windkws forum: It turns out there was some known, subtle firmware glitch in the mini-PCI Intel network cards that caused them to continue working, but lock up the host machine randomly.

Paint Shop Pro 3. Fairly fast and have drivers available for Windows 3. But for a retro game machine, it doesn’t matter. Latest Windows 98