Mass Effect Page At first this still didnt work, so then I installed Could you just confirm that you have to enable crossfireX and select a tick box in CCC when the vga card is first installed [running a single card] atb Law-II. Hi HD x2 it would not have a crossfireX enable tab , [if it is a single vga card] only dual card configurations have this] Do both GPU’s show in device manager? Two things were made very clear with the 3dMark06 benchmark tests:

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Specifications provided here are for guidance only. Would you recommend that. If you install the Catalyst 8.

besr Without a doubt this card deserves our Editor’s Choice Award and if we had an award for best of the best the Sapphire HD X2 would wear that title as well. The game plays itself through some tightly-scripted scenes.

PowerColor HD X2 – graphics card – Radeon HD X2 – 2 GB Overview – CNET

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. It is the R based X2, and we are going to see if lands squarely, or if it is a whiff.

We’ve been telling you these huge power supplies weren’t that necessary until this generation, and we absolutely mean it. A nice addition is the extension of Overdrive. Wrong i still have my x2 laying around and it did show up as crossfire in catalyst and in GPU-Z.


I have always splashed out on top end cards i beest a 4870s2 pc about overy years and have aways been happy with their life span.

Of course, this is just dollars per FPS—roughly equal scores means that the more expensive X2 is faster in raw performance. When we said the Radeon series dramatically improved anti-aliasing performance, we meant it. Radeon HD X2 Company: Welcome to the kilowatt era.

Power Consumption – AMD’s Radeon HD X2 – Testing the Multi-GPU Waters

Besg Disadvantages Best overclocking potential Outstanding fan profiles with Catalyst 8. Ahh kk no worries, bummer, but Ic an live with that i guess. I have never had such a fast card in my hands and the only way to top it is to purchase another and try some quad action.

Taking the card past that point is at your own risk. While testing the Sapphire HD X2, I found that it performed best at the higher resolutions, when the other cards would slow down – usually at x and higher.

Keep in mind that this power measurement is taken running a 3dmark pixel shader test using almost no other resources. Ive tested out That link doesnt send me to the The benchmark mode for Supreme Commander is pretty slick: What is the cooler you have on that processor? Oh, and, don’t forget to turn it off when you aren’t gaming.


Radeon HD 4870 X2: Four Cards Compared

But will we be able to afford the energy bill? All trademarks and logos are acknowledged as the property of their respective holders. Thread starter Melvis Start date Jan 15, Recommended by Club Overclocker ATi has a counter-punch ready, and it is being unleashed on nVidia’s chin today.

Half Life 2 Episode 2. Overall Performance Page Would have been nice to see the 487×2 crossfire since it’d be comparable with my 2x setup. The same goes for us here at PC. Instead, the company gives you two power adapters, and the 8-pin adapter is rather rare. Ok some how i got it working.