More DIY audio projects and articles by Matt:. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Edited November 16, by cfishbowl. I’ll look at the two schematics and figure out what I have already and what I would need to buy to make the proposed changes. All I ask is that you do not drive the NOS tube prices any higher than they already are: Log in or Sign up.

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Slope is defined as the change in current divided by the change in voltage rise-over-run as they say in trigonometry class.

Two 6V6 tubes per channel is 1 amp rating and four tubes per channel is 2 amp rating on the volt winding. If the recording is a dud, no amount of tube grease will fix it, but if it is great music a great SET amp can surprise you over and over again.

Keep this in mind when poking around inside old tube amps. Sign in Get started. But we still don’t have the critical data we need outlining the operation of the tube in this configuration. On the other hand I could be wrong. This gives us a clear choice of operating points if minimum THD is of primary importance.

Rriode Matt has proposed an idea which I like which is the use of “Schade” feedback. We listened to console after console and finally settled on a Philco console record player.


In our circuit we will be using a k volume pot instead of a resistor, so that narrows it down to one of the 0.

A Vacuum Tube Hi Fi Primer

So now we have the whole circuit figured out. Videos Enjoy the Music. More DIY audio projects and articles by Matt:. I personally have trioe k ohm 10W resistor with clipleads on bothe ends of it that I use to discharge power supllies before touching the insides of amplifiers.

Increased fidelity can be had by decoupling the left and right channels, ultimately by building monoblocks.

Come back and post often. Although historically widely used in all manner of electronic goods, many of which are still in service, it is in guitar amplifiers where trioce use has become archetypal.

To run a beam power or pentode tube in triode mode, strap the screen grid to the plate e.

I can’t give particulars but this is what I read in my J. SET amplifiers combined with full-range drivers come closest to reproducing the live and intimate concert hall experience.

Single-ended triode – Wikipedia

Looking at the charts, we see that there are 2 rows of values where the grid resistor Rg1 is k and the load resistor Rs is k. It probably balances out because the ideal load impedance decreases considerably in triode mode. This group should trioxe it’s own tie-point either a turret or lug from which to solder the flying lead. I have a friend who puts his screaming Marshall 4×12 cab and a microphone out in his van, and runs cables back in to the stage.


No, create an account now. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. You need to add extra filtering to the power supply if you’re going to run in triode mode.

6V6 Single-Ended (SE) Ultra Linear (UL) Bias Optimization

I am for the second time building this amplifier. I know it makes a difference to my ears when it’s an amp with a bite. I find it makes a much nicer hole if it is drilled with a sequence of larger bits rather than with a single large drill bit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I tried it both ways and the sound was definitely different, but not overwhelmingly so. My father and I continued to listen to the Texaco Opera hour together whenever we could until the day they took it off the radio.

Think of this as a serious lack of electrons. I would like to use a triode like the 2a3 because it is so nice sounding and so popular with DIYers, but I do not want you to have to mess with the added yriode involved with using a directly heated triode.