The actual input to the device is i, your computer scales it up to x Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. Jun 8, 16, 0 1, 42 Canada. Danydrunk Member Feb 9, Jun 6, 14, 0 0. It creates system lag if multitasking, so make sure to shut down as many background applications and processes as you can when using this. Stinkles Clothed, sober, cooperative Feb 8,

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The series includes this same ability but also adds a TV tuner and remote allowing you to watch and record TV gameebridge your PC.

AZ Greg Member Feb 8, Record quality changes the quality of recorded material, with “Best” taking the most storage space and “Good” taking the least.

Adaptec GameBridge Review — Play Console Video Games on Your Laptop

The composite connection is a lower quality gsmebridge, the S-Video easily triumphs in terms of picture quality provided. Oct 27,3 0 34 Nowhere, PA.

Feb 17, 6, 0 0 web. If you do get one, be aware there is a and a Settings for the GameBridge view large image. I did a search and found some discussions on vga cables for the gamecube.

Friend of mine owns this, says the no lag claim is indeed true. Danj Member Feb 8, Input is limited to Composite and S-Video, but the graphics look sharp and there isn’t any lag whatsoever. With the Adaptec GameBridge and series devices that gap closes even more. Watch and record TV shows fv full screen on your computer.


This review will cover the Adaptec GameBridge system after being used for 6 months, and still going gamebridgw. They are the same price, but the includes a TV tuner, so it’s worth picking up.

This does at least take S-Video, right?

Adaptec GameBridge TV

Jun 1, 3, 0 0. I’ve got it and it works great.

Atari Too dumb for the internet Feb 9, The two are quite widely separated, consoles being played on a TV while the PC games of course on monitors. The supplied bag is useful for when you want to carry the GameBridge somewhere, but perhaps a Velcro band or two to organize the wiring would be helpful too.

Adaptec GameBridge AVC Capture Card – VideoHelp

Stinkles Clothed, sober, cooperative Feb 8, Gwmebridge well, at least it doesn’t have a stupidly-long lag like some do, and maybe it’ll alleviate some of the issues I was going to have trying to capture on my Sony Giga Pocket.


I also don’t have a HD TV.

There is currently no documentation available for this product. Gonna go through SotC and record all the glrious Colossi slaying and make a Console games generally use a game pad while PC games a mouse. I tried out several usb solutions prior to this one, and I’m happy I finally found one that works.

The unit is constructed of plastic, making it lightweight and quite capable of traveling, the only downside for that is the tangle of the wires and cables you have to deal with. Jun 6, 22, 0 0 36 Northern Indiana wiki.

Adaptec GameBridge AVC-1410 – VideoHelp Capture Card

Atari Too dumb for the internet Feb 8, I’d like to see example stills taken with the device, adaptsc the site only has a couple of movies. Is there any store that still sells a good vga cable for my gamecube? The bottom right bar is a simple action bar that is always present, with the buttons, from left to right being:.