Nate — I dont see any difference between T02 and P Does anyone know what operating system comes with this phone? I would love to be able to read books on the phone!!!! Problem is i have Fido and it says no service with the Sim card in place.. I am using Cincinnati bell, I can do anything else except that!! I had a customer fix theirs by turning it off.

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The problem with the A is that it only supports one SIM card. There is somebody in this Blog that has a PDF version that gives it out for free.

Top 10 iPhone Knockoffs –

I load the electronic version on the memroy card and email t to people who buy the phone fom me. What would be like the top 3 worst things about these phones? Your symptom tells me that your phone is not receiving a normal service signal. I am checking with the factory for any extra cables or chargers.


Hopefully you dont have to return your phone to china! The phone is awesome!

CECT P168 – Another Apple iPhone Clone

Iphons let me get this straight. Worst case, I will sell the phone. Rory, that screen is much smaller, 2. I have been looking into this phone lately. Many other OS use the same interface as the iPhone does.

Some calls are not coming through, cant sent picture text and cant une it on the internet. My p works really well. When I open the sms it has a 0 in it which means I have a voice mail messages.

Is SG a good vechile in making profit? Jack, Well of course they are nuts. Ilhone — I dont see any difference between T02 and P Hi there i have the same problem with my iphone switching it back into english. I have t-mobile and once I put in my sim card it worked perfectly. I looked on the gsm website and it shows it covers Arkansas. Everything popped up on my phone.

I did the same when I got mine. I know its supposed to, but has anyone tried yet? It probably will to my son. KyGeoman, and Razr gets a good strong from your location? I bought the cect p and I am having a couple of problems, when I turn it on I get a sim access error.


I have not tried that yet. Bluetooth connects very easy, but only seems to work involving making phone calls.

When set to english everything is in english. I would go into each one and see if any are the word english. Also can it use others, or will it sync up to a mac? He called me from the phone and said that he only put his Cingular sim card in and made the call. Sleek, dual sim, unlocked, very nice…. Users are reporting that a new update to Apple Inc.