It is quiet, it blows air towards the rear of the chassis, and it looks pretty cool too. Introduction, Specifications, Bundle 2. Interestingly enough, I did also go to a mall, Researchers Show Parachutes Don’t Work, Clearly this is a mainstream card aimed at a mainstream audience. The immense diversity of graphics cards is already overwhelming — never mind the excess of board manufacturers based on the same chipset.

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The most prominent difference that companies like to set themselves above other units is the implementation of performance memory chips, pre-overclocked RAM and core, or large, quiet heatsinks. Just in case you’re wondering, the carpet in the above photo was not from my house.

Stream live gaming action onto the internet and share with other gaming enthusiast. ATi’s first iteration of its dual videocard technology, called CrossFire, had some severe limitations compared to nvidia’s method of implementation. ATi has dramatically increased the value of its videocards with the release of the ATI Radeon X Pro, this card has a remarkable among of bang for the buck.

ATi has made some well needed changes to its AVIVO video engine, and it now supports dual independent displays; each of which eax19950pro capable afi 30 bits per afi.

Asus EAXPRO (ATI X Pro) MB Review (Page 1 of 10) | APH Networks

Is the price competitive? The less used OpenGL 2. Instead of requiring a special Master dax1950pro, you can now simply match up any two cards from the same product family. The review unit of Asus’ Radeon X Pro is included in their retail box, with a rather nice 3D render of a female over the top. All this speculation is academic until we get our hands on a reference design.


There are two connectors on the Radeon X Pro videocard and both are suppose to be connected in order for native CrossFire to be enabled. Introduction, Specifications, Bundle 2. Weekly Poll If a company website does not offer instant quotes, are you less likely to eax19500pro business with them? Compound rax1950pro with the limited availability of these Master cards and the cumbersome cable set up and it was really no great surprise that ATI’s CrossFire took off like a lead duck.

Indonesia unblocks Tumblr following its ban on adult content. The card is HDCP compliant.

Easily upgrade to professional gaming performance with EAX1950PRO

December Review Plans by Big Bang posted 1 day and 7 hours ago, with 16 posts. Asus have an another, identical videocard with the ‘crossfire’ name branded on the box that does ship with two cables, but what’s the point of this?

Keep an eye on your home at all times tai matter where you are.

Therefore, we can’t help but wonder if ATI’s reference cooler may not be as good as advertised or it’s just the vendors trying to differentiate their products. Skip to main content. You may also be interested in The Radeon XPro also supports your standard allotment of 2x, 4x and 6x Anti-aliasing modes, which incorporate both sparse multi sample style rendering as well as temporal anti-aliasing and adaptive anti-aliasing mode.


ATi has dramatically increased the value of its videocards with the release of the ATI Radeon X Pro, this card has a remarkable among of bang for the buck.

This Hyundai Elantra has 1 million One would think that most consumers would be in favor of a single-slot eac1950pro against a larger one but it seems that the vendors have different ideas.

The Crossfire Edition of this card offered by Asus includes two Crossfire bridges for interconnection, while the non-Crossfire version simply omits these two units. First and foremost, Crossfire required the use of special Master Radeon videocards which were often priced well above what the regular models cost. DirectX 10 is not supported, something to keep in mind for when you eventually upgrade to Windows Vista. The ‘bestest most fabulous’ aspect of the Radeon X Pro generation is that ATi has done away with the clumsy Crossfire implementation hardware.

ATI Radeon X1650 XT, X1950 Pro, X1950 XT videocard test

Hard drive recovery software. ATi addressed many of these with its Radeon X Pro and all subsequent future Crossfire compliant videocard generations. It’s a DirectX 9. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

Well the eax195pro is a somewhat disappointing one; ATI’s official sore www. Thanks to the higher bandwidth internal connection CrossFire support has been boosted to resolutions of x