This means that you can only execute binaries in the read-only squashfs “back” filesystem s , because any other file including ones on NFS mount points and removable media are subject to the “noexec” constraint of the front filesystem such that you will get “Operation not permitted” errors when trying to execute them. During this warranty period Technologic Systems will repair or replace the defective unit in accordance with the following process:. This limited warranty does not cover damages resulting from lightning or other power surges, misuse, abuse, abnormal conditions of operation, or attempts to alter or modify the function of the product. This topic has some prehistory published in http: When Linux detects a new link, it performs a logical AND of these two register values and assumes that the link was established with these settings that represent the maximum capabilities that both sides support. An investigation has proven with rather high level of confidence that the following piece of Ethernet code is broken. We have tried various boards to test if ti’s a matter of a HW failure, but it is not.

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[ts] Re: ts and new build

Warnings are in Linux. Products Download Events Support Videos. Au1xxx EHCI [ 1. So, from a Linux driver perspective, what’s in an LXN? As we have found out, this problem only happens when connecting to a 10 MBit Hub. If lknux would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Same goes for shared libraries. I wonder if someone has met any issues similar to the listed herein and how problems were solved. Other details on IDE are in the referred post.


This page was last modified on 2 Februaryat But other weird cases I would assume are due to the similar timing negligence. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective unit.

This could theoretically be undone by a binary edit. Nevertheless, there is a simple reinitialization when the error condition is met. Boot into Debian and run:. The snippet initiates internal DMA transfer and reads data port later on; there are 2 similar blocks in the interrupt handler:. We have tried various boards to test if ti’s a matter of a HW failure, but it is not. Commit liunx 5 seconds [ 5.

It doesn’t use uClibc, Busybox or any of the standard embedded tools. If this linuux does cause interference, which can be determined by turning the unit on and off, the user is encouraged to try the following measures to correct the interference:. Here’s where the bastardry comes in: When exchanging the cable between two such switches that advertise different capablities, the remote capabilities register is updated accordingly. LXN are all virtually zx88796b. So, even assuming that you could somehow install the apt and apt-utils debs so that you could run “apt-get update; apt-get install xxx”, it wouldn’t do you any good, because you wouldn’t be able to execute anything that you downloaded.


Relocate the unit with respect to the receiver.

How kernel handle interrupts[AXB network controller]

The 80 Mhz was the hint. I would assume that some of these ‘bogus’ beings are due to the collision reason as mentioned e. At least, that’s how I’d do it. A second register holds the capabilities of the AX itself.

How kernel handle interrupts[AX88796B network controller]

In no event shall Technologic Systems be liable or responsible for any loss or damages, including but not limited to any lost profits, incidental or consequential damages, loss of business, or anticipatory profits arising from the use or inability to use this product. Views Read View source Ax87896b history. Win 3 0-FS gfx, 1-video, 2-ovly gfx, 3-ovly gfx [ 1.

The address selected below must not collide with other PC boards. Repairs made after the expiration of the warranty period are subject to a repair charge and the cost of return shipping.

Just as well I bought the model with the serial port, isn’t it?