Is there a way I can do all of this on the command line and access more options than through the gui? So, both these ports need to be open in the firewall setting. But, according to the following note “Note: Canon LBP – associating printer and driver. While searching for solutions of your problems with some of this printers you will get to this pages, eventually:. For ubuntu, use the ‘deb’ instructions from Canon. The printer’s state message is:

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Hi Folks, Over the years there has been a bunch of traffic here and elsewhere about installing the Canon LBP printer.

capt driver for Canon LBP and LBP

Profile preferences – Title and command – When command opens: Then you must configure AppArmor for Gutsy: Note If you are cappt your printer to a central CUPS print server, you may want to run the status monitor remotely using X11 forwarding cap an SSH key without passphrase, restricted to running only this command.


Post as a guest Name. Is there a way I can do all of this on the command line and access more options than through the gui?

To do that add the following command to the startup-applications as in the answers under here: How do I get the LBP driver into the list lbp-810//lbp-1120 possible drivers?

If you only want the status monitor to pop up when a problem occurs, simply append the -e switch:. Canon LBP – associating printer and driver With the driver http: Enter the following command.

So I’ve been trying this all day, following this tutorial and combining with other info from the Linux Cookbook, but still no joy: In fact my answers here for And creates multiple issues with compiling this drivers.

On the changes in the question see this meta question.

It’s just that nothing ever prints. I was also puzzled by the double back slash, since I thought the double slash was reserved for network options and single slashes were the local options. Since Canon’s this drivers are notorious for not providing any debug information. Calt you can install they by double click. I hope it will work.


CAPT Linux driver

For converting rpm packages to deb you will need alien utility: Acpt up using Email and Password. Mostly followed see below the instructions at https: If you do, you are lucky: Script to see ccpd status the two numbers: So, in this case: There are two options for setting device-uri with lpadmin command using ccp: This is what CUPS shows for the printer: I keep it just for reference.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Although I currently use I have uploaded it here.

Is that simply because that backend is no longer available? The printer’s state message lbp-8110/lbp-1120 HP is hands down the best for linux. Hi, I’d like to comment for Ubuntu 8.

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