Cascade9, what I’d like to clean is all the mess made by the drivers I installed config archives, or whatever Thank you in advance. Help clean up this section. Because of this, I made a few changes, and I now have a x screen. I believe I should get it from here , but should I get 0. I now have an x resolution forever not sometimes , but a quick glxgears near , and when I start the computer, it throws me an error as a notification in the upper-right side that the configuration could not be applied. Having a problem logging in?

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After obtaining the source code, run autogen.

I dont get it. Last edited by markmb; at Restart and test the problem oinux. The problem is that if screensaver and glxgears linuux slow, everythinging graphical goes slow. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. Then, I tried to create a proper xorg.

At first, before doing any changes, I had sometimes a x resolutiin and sometimes a x, randomly, depending on the day. Thank you so much for the help.


As I tried Ubuntu and Xubunyu an no one worked well on my ch700, I’d like a lightweight distro that works with this graphics card. Join our community today!


First find in which revision the bug was introduced. Send this topic Print.

Via Cn700 Linux

Considered trying a different distro? If you feel unsure, best is to stick to the drivers in the repositories. There are no proprietary drivers available for the video card, it’s an old piece of hardware so no luck there. As soon as I get the the chance, probably tomorrow, I’ll mess around a bit with Cn00 driver the one I have installed, right?

They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. Section “ServerLayout” Identifier “X.

He states that ” Digging deep into the details of a particular graphics card and determining what type of memory a particular card uses is difficult” Most cards have MIB but you probably already know that- Triple buffering allocates more memory for 3D you can adjust the buffering mode used by 3D card through it’s properties sheet. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. No, it doesn’t work. Beta Drivers for Ubuntu Use sudo to obtain administrative privilegesin order to edit, move or install system files.


Ubuntu and Via CN

Last edited by Ztcoracat; at Originally Posted by Ztcoracat I am digging deep into graphics problems because I to have had graphics crashes and well I’ve followed some tutorials on the net I can’t find its link nowand I configured openchrome, but glxgears was veeery slow less than a thousand frames per second. Well, I said too quick that It was forever. VIA proprietary graphics driver for Chrome9 Linus from the editor: Slackware, MX 18 Posts: Ubuntu isnt exactly the most stable distro.

For more information, please visit http: Page 1 of 2. Then, you should compile and install some revisions to determine in which revision the bug appeared. Download your free copy of Linux Lite today. As I don’t really now what have I done, I’d like to clean my card configuration, and configure it properly.

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