Virus Problem, Please Help. I am running on a fresh install of Windows XP and all the drivers. I think JMPC is probably right about the hard drive but I have researched this issue and there may be other options so please post back if you would like more help with this problem. At this time I chose to wipe the hard drive clean. After doing all this I put the battery back in, attached the power cord and started the laptop up.

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I recently purchased this laptop on eBay.

Plug the AC Adapter into the computer if it is not already connected. Thats why I was wondering presrio the USB option. Message 5 of Message 3 of I wanted to install Backtrack on this laptop via a USB flashdrive, but none of my ports were working.

I’m at a loss right now.

I rebooted and received those 2 errors I listed above. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Run Seatools for Windows.


That download says it’s for Windows 7. There were multiple ports. Message 2 of Message 6 of Originally Posted by spunk. I thought this was just a problem with the drivers, so I tried updating uxb, but my computer claimed the drivers were up-to-date.

Compaq Presario M – Wikipedia

Web search “boot usb without bios support”. My guess would be a bad or failing hard drive. Compaq Presario M boot up errors. I have tried multiple troubleshooting topics, but it seems that mine is an exceptional case. So I uninstalled the USB drivers, then reinstalled them. Download the program from a working computer, put the Seatools program onto a bootable media e. I want to try installing from a USB drive.

Computer powers off in sleep m20000 My Laptop is a Compaq Presario M Then all of a sudden it stopped and I had a black screen. Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Download the bootable diagnostic disc from whoever makes the drive and do a full scan and see if errors are returned. Are you open for a BIOS update?


Old Compaq V2000 BIOS Question

Virus Problem, Please Help. I think we have to try several, let’s start with this one.

The doors of wisdom are never shut. Hi, I recently was given a Compaq Presario M I’m a little suprised it doesn’t have a USB boot option as its not that old.

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I know you have windows xp but that is a long time ago for me so it is a bit diffrent. The comprehensive portion of the HP Hard Drive Self Test repairs soft jsb on the hard drive, but does not report the errors. Turn off the computer and wait 5 seconds.