As another hobby, he decided to learn how to fly a ‘plane, and indeed, at the age of 17, he duly got his flying licence. Naturally, life as a racing driver seemed tempting to a man of his stature and he started his driving career in , with a debut as a co-driver during the Carrera Panamericana. In third place, Portago was travelling at mph on a straight-road in Lombardy between Cerlongo and Guidizzolo when a tyre exploded on his Ferrari S. Fon, as his nickname was, married a North American millionaire, and they had two sons. What a sad, violent end to a giddy existence. Fon was eager to prove Schell wrong, although he had never raced anything else than an automatic. He participated in five World Championship Formula One races, placing his best result during a shared drive at the British Grand Prix, with a total of four championship points.

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The great sportsman Alfonso de Portago Except for being a playboy and porhago speed devil, Alfonso was one of the most diverse and excellent sportsmen ever seen. What a sad, violent end to a giddy existence. Your comments, criticism and suggestions: Not only did he break the car, but also one of his legs, in several places.

Among sports car enthusiasts, de Portago was known as a two-car manbecause of the many burned-out brakes, clutches, transmissions, and wrecked cars for which he was responsible.

He was thrown out of his car and could easily have been killed, but escaped with a broken leg. An uncharacteristically nervous Portago worried it was too dangerous to run such podtago long course when it was almost impossible to know every corner, even with a navigator, but he went ahead with co-driver Edmund Nelson.


But we warn you, it’s not easy watching:. De Portago was extravagant, always chasing the girls rcaing loving the adventure. He ignored the omen.

Fon, Marquis de Portago Bio, Stats, and Results | Olympics at

Once, as a joke, he scared the hell out of his mechanics just by taking a screwdriver and walking to his racing car. Alfonso found his ultimate calling as a racing driver. He was hospitalized with a broken raicng. Having handed over his own mount to Collins, De Portago took over Castellotti’s battered car to finish 10th.

Their first race together was the miles of Buenos Aires.

Alfonso de Portago

Racung, Comment, Feedback or Correction? The bodies of Portago and Nelson were badly disfigured raing the Ferrari, which was upside down. De Portago had nothing to worry about in his youth, neither financially nor in any other way.

The car was out of control, hit a telephone pole, jumped over a brook, hitting a few spectators in the process.

Thus it happened, and in Fon was a works Ferrari driver in both sports cars and Formula 1. Men’s Two Event History.

And it was the start of a long trial against Enzo Ferrari and tyre manufacturer Englebert, on a charge for manslaughter. Sitting at home, he received the long-awaited call, being proposed to sign a contract as soon as he recovered.


What Killed Alfonso De Portago And The Mille Miglia? | CCFS UK

Trademarks featured or referred to on this website are the property of their respective trademark holders and not Sports Reference LLC or www. Meeting his fate aged 28, they were sadly right.

Ferrari works driver Thus, inFon became a Ferrari works driver. The following year, rxcing took part in several sports car races, including the 12 hours of Sebring, and the 24 hours of Le Mans.

When he moved to New York, inhe started to make a name for himself as a playboy. Because of taking part in steeple chases, he decided to lose weight and started to eat normally.

He often needed several cars to finish a race. Fon received half points for Collins’ subsequent drive to second place. Portago was heir to one of the most respected titles in Spain [3] and a millionaire.

Fon, Marquis de Portago

The Girl Who Had Everything. He would never see the day. But we warn you, it’s not easy watching: A Portago curve 7 is also shown on the Jarama motor racing circuit in Spain.

He was part of an ancient family line, thus inheriting his titles.