All price stated are in Singapore dollars. Jun 09, , Yet the retracts arrived from Singapore yesterday! Versions with Wire Leads weighs slightly more Supports USB Live Mode, which lets you see what’s happening in the model LIVE on the bench, on your PC Comes with our state of the art Windows virtual playback display and graphing Powerful Graphing software has advanced charting features, such as amps vs volts Internet Updatable firmware – as we add new features or heaven forbid have a firmware bug, the update is just a download away! The main thing to remember is if it doesn’t work try a different USB port, a self-powered USB hub or the battery back-up harness and all will be well. I’ll have to do some more testing.

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Troubleshooting – Eagle Tree eLogger V3 User Manual

Each parameter has a programmable label. I c3 been in IT technology for years, I know how to install drivers. Once again a big thanks to you and Singapore Hobby for a first class service.

High speed logging at up to 50Hz increased from 10Hz. I have not used this plane for over a year but I thought I am sure I had this all working with the upgraded to v3 data recorder.


Having the eolgger problem with mine running windows 7. Jun 17, It’s not needed, but additionally if the lipo is plugged into the eLogger more than a minute or so before the USB is connected, the USB may have problems. Three-quarters of lights grounded, runways closed at London Heathrow and Gatwick airports because of snow. Most laptops have extremely poor USB power supply or none at all to some or all of the ports.

I hope you and Johnny are well, and doing business good with crowded shop: Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. It is a pleasure buying over the internet from Singapore Hobby Supplies.

eLogger V3 USB Cable diagram? – RC Groups

The service that you provided me with eloggeg well worth the additional funds! Plug the LIPO battery to the elogger I received my parcel today, in perfect order. If this works, your cable has been damaged.

Install the latest BETA software uninstall any previous version before doing this 3. The magnet should have been glued so that the red line faces down, away from the sensor, and the writing on the sensor faces the magnet.

Feb 19, Hope this helps, Rob. Try to eliminate the problem in the following ways: The reason for my email is a big thanks to you and your team as well as every one else involved that resolved our Phantom Vision issues. Data is all we do!


And, your eLogger is tremendously expandable, by adding additional sensors shown below. Try both sides of the magnets and both sides of the sensor. English, German, Chinese Measurements: It will re-install and then I can use the logger on the PC. Here is a few things I did to make it work on Windows 7 64 bits. Make sure that the RPM gauge is displayed, and spin the magnets, or wave the magnets by hand in front of the sensor.

Typically logs all available sensors for about four hours, at 10Hz. I have also just received my elogger v3 and trust me it was a pain in the ass to install. Eloggdr events are power-up restartand servo glitches.

Eagle Tree Micropower eLogger V3 (with deans connectors)

This seems to fix the problem. Jun 09, Plug your LIPO battery to the elogger 5. Connect the OSD to the sensor