But when I first started writing songs, I was picking up a guitar and recording them to tape recorders — just basically playing it onto one cassette and then recording it back onto another cassette while playing something else. You might want to break into there. The guy who was doing it [Bunt Stafford-Clark], he had done some of the Radiohead records, he was quite interested to hear how things have moved on. How did everybody recognize you. Retrieved 3 August Somehow, with Jez on these songs, it was already clearly to tape — a great bit here, great snare bit there — and we knew there would be no way of actually getting that again. Retrieved 7 January

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Sample of “These Times”, the third single from 99th Dream I didn’t put too much thought into it, which may be good. Buskin ahd The Beatles Autor.

Swervedriver – Wikipedia

I mean, I know that it was more expensive than it needed to be. All that pre-Moulder stuff. Posted by DaveCromwell at 8: Singer and guitarist Adam Franklin showed inordinate devotion to the cause about halfway through the set, when he sliced a finger on his right hand, spilling blood across his pickups and tossing droplets across the stage floor each time he raised the finger to heavwn mouth to suck it clean. Is the rest of it all Moulder? Clearly a skilled team of veterans growing into their own songwriting force, they put on an impressive show for an outfit with so little material currently available.


Heaven will be releasing a full-length debut album later this year. So Graham ended up being in the band on some of the early stuff.

Just after recording Mezcal Head, before the touring started. We burned ourselves out in Australia. I’d just never heard it played like that before. Jazz Latin New Age. At the conclusion of their ” Raise ” mini-tour, Swervedriver began recording material for a new album at Birdland Studios in Melbourne and then continued work at Konk Studios over the first half of I think that this album gets a little neglected in comparison to Mezcal Head and Ejector Seat. Retrieved 15 July Introspection Late Night Partying.

BBC Radio 6 Music. Rider by Jez Hindmarsh”. The guy who owned the building wanted to turn it into a parking lot or build condos, or something.

But still, for us the USA was the main place where we were selling records. Between andthe band released four studio albums and numerous EPs and singles despite a considerable flux of members, managers, and record labels.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The dense sweep of the dual guitars on tracks such as “Rave Down” seem to overwhelm the mix when they’re oozing out of stereo speakers, or swallow you in a blanket of distortion when listened to on headphones; it’s hard to believe sound of that magnitude is being reproduced by just two guitarists and long chains of pedals, even when you’re staring at it.


Retrieved 15 August So, I have to ask. But the thing was, he was in the room with the mics.

DaveCromwell Writes: Heaven + Swervedriver, live @ Bowery Ballroom

I love the fact that you still have affection for your older stuff. First up was a band who I’ve written about previously – both here on this blog and at The Deli Magazine – Brooklyn’s own Heaven.

Inbass player Adrian “Adi” Vines, from Yorkshirejoined the band, and the following year they released their solitary swervedrver “Gimme Fever” through Notown Records. It’s just as secure and no password to remember!

Swervedriver’s Adam Franklin Wants You Right Now: Heaven

I mean, my original four-track recordings of that Toshack album are — you know, I basically had to play one of the keyboard lines on one track of the Porta 02 and hevaen another part on the next track and bounce them together. Swervediver we just had the freedom to fly anything in. So they were quite happy to let us own the masters. I gotta say that something that really sparked my interest in this was hearing the live version of “Sandblasted” that has been posted for some time at swervedriver.