The motors I have are 3amp per coil, the max of the board but I wouldn’t think that should be a problem. Each one has a little white dot to indicate polarity. Phil, Still too many interests, too many projects, and not enough time!!!!!!!! I just received the new Hobbycnc Pro Chopper driver kit. Sign up now to remove ads between posts.

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There are 4 of these motors included in the kit.

I used a 25 Watt soldering iron to solder my parts in. Originally Posted by Spaceship13 ill have mine done by this weekend ready to run.

For the price, it seems pretty good. Kit contents Here are the basic components of the complete 4 axis Pro board kit. Im just wondering how hot the chips are supposed to become when just “idling the motors”. Jul 23, Stationary motors will heat the sla’s more than when they are moving. I will post some pictures of good solder joints as soon as I can take some.

Thanks for doing this! May 27, HobbyCNC does not provide a schematic with the kit, but the silkscreen on the PCB and the step by step directions make it easy to put the board together.


Hobbycnc Pro 4 axis CNC Chopper Driver build step by step & more – RC Groups

The wide, high current traces around the stepper driver chips suck up a lot of heat, so a higher power soldering iron is needed. The circuit board for the 3 axis kit and the 4 axis kits are the same. The stepper driver chips are the last things to go on. Images View all Images in thread Views: Tags for this Thread say. Can change this time delay. I purchased a package. The motors respond to commands and make noises as I believe they should just the drivers become extremely hot even with a heatsink.

Built In Protection Circuit to help against blown chips on stepper motor short or open connections. I think It got hotter than F, it would burn on touch. Means you motors aren’t small space heaters when they aren’t being driven.

I also found a Sharpee marker and center punch handy but not absolutly necessary. Once the resistors are identified, I placed them in the proper positions on the top side of the circuit board. The choppper also provides 5 inputs that can be used for limit switches. Other than that, it’s a fine rpo for the price. As for a better heatsink, could I still make if from aluminum angle, just cut slots and holes in it for increased surface area, or do you mean a entirely new metal, and what do you recommend?


The resistors are chipper by a series of color bands.

On board voltage regulation for 5-volt logic with 24VDC cooling fan from motor power supply. Results 1 to 11 of There is a little white dot on the resistor which corresponds to the white dot on the circuit board.

If you plan to do many more electronics projects, a fixture to hold circuit boards might also be a good idea. The circuit board has all the components clearly printed on the board along with orientation marks for those components that need a special alignment.

Building the HobbyCNC 4 Axis Stepper Driver

Thanks for all the help and I’ll be sure to come back to this forum. David Rigotti, the man behind Hobbycnc has steadily improved his products and the motor speed with each revision. The kit includes all connectors, resisters, transisters, diodes etc, ect.