My amp tends to be a bit bright, and I find that the DX90 compliments it well by being more mellow. RD3 features a carbon-fiber diaphragm, unique UltraMag driver technology, and rigid metal I’ve found no difference in performance. We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process. Something strange too is that you have to take out the battery and put it back because the player will not start for unknown reason, this can be frustrating and frightening but it happen twice in a year for me. I have the gb card and without any formatting, it works fine, in fact I use two of the cards, with zero problem. I try them all and return to the V2.

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The sound is a bit veiled compared to say Ibaszo Labs Theorem Tried switching between both using 16bit FLAC files and both UE triple fi 10 and Sennheiser Momentum over hear and honestly the sound quality and sound signatures are very close. All in all, I adore this music player and can say my life will be less musical without it, this is sad but since I have it i’m unable to return to my Ipod touch without finding it annoying and dirty sounding.

Hi mate, nice review.

iBasso DX90 Portable Digital Audio Player

I love my dx 90, and the UI has never really bothered me. I have heard about its nice detail and impressive separation and in second place I was looking for a DAP that tempered a little bit the forward sound of my headphones RS1e. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. Using the UI is simple and intuitive with just enough menu choices to make finding music easy and fast, though the display graphics are antiquated and primitive.


Sometime when a track change their can usv a little click noise, as well as when you close the device. Pros – Very detailed, great ibzsso separation, very exiting sound, excellent size, interchangeable battery, constant FW improvement and support.

I said that because the Ibasso Dx90 have not a big bass impact or let’s say tweaked low end, it is a neutral player that treat all frequency range equally. I am using my er4p with it and the sound is superb.

Since I own several pairs of portable headphones this is not a serious problem at the moment. Post 6 of Any updates on this?


Not to mention it’s amp section is really strong, IMO and can drive the HDT1’s although not to crazy loud levelsetc. Available from these sellers. Jul 7, at 9: Looks like it is Japan-only. The Dx90 is well built, all black brushed metal alloy with 3 big button and that’s it. rac

I formatted my G SD card and inserted it, connected uwb to my mac. And the font used by the default firmware is just plain ugly thanks to Lurker for the modified firmwareand there is a lot of wasted screen space from the ugly icons at the beginning of each files.


And it have it all: Everything is improved – bass quality, dynamics, soundstage etc. Seriously, the ‘Japan-only’ thing has me wondering – just usv strong is their domestic economy post-tsunami?

iBasso D5 Hj – Yet Another USB DAC/Amp

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Jun 2, at 2: There is a similar rich sound quality. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Post 14 of You must log in to post usbb review. Another good news is that the sound keeps on improving with time.

Why write products reviews? Share This Page Tweet. Hey Marhol, thank you very much for the information. So nice to be enjoying music again.