Installing special feature number provides the attachment for high-capacity, roll-feed devices that will enable the customer to fully utilize the high-productivity capabilities of the Infoprint family. Other dealers compete against this, so: In the US, call Lexmark Telemarketing at The printer cannot be successfully varied on to the second host until the operator drains and varies it offline to the first host. CCDs are not interchangeable between different printer engines or models.

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The font is oriented for printing at print time. Fax an order to PFS at It also includes the extra exposure of single-pel features. The following publications are available immediately.

IBM Infoprint IS1, IS2 Series | Argecy

These IS2 models have serial numbers starting with 12 e. For the name of the nearest distributor call IBM This is the greatest benefit in the reproduction of font serifs and the preservation of the details of narrow intersections of lines.

While provided by IBM and included in the price of the product or feature, they are infopriint from a different physical location and must be ordered separately from the product by your IBM representative. The translation from form number to barcode, is directly from that 4 character hexadecimal form number to the binary barcode.

This feature code allows a customer to order an additional CCD with Blue toner for printer engines that already have at least one CCD installed.


These optional converters are all 2 meters 6 feet in length.

IBM InfoPrint – IPM Continuous Forms Printer

The infopriht panel touch screen is the primary interface utilized by both operator and customer engineer. The photoconductor drum data, obtained to date, reveals no concerns to the environment.

Print contrast control allows the operator to adjust print darkness. This is of greatest benefit in the reproduction of font serifs and the preservation of the details of inflprint intersections of lines.

The publications listed below will be available at announcement. There is a standard splicing station to minimize waste and increase operator efficiency.


ubm This feature code allows installation of a software solution that allows an operator to log in to Infoprint Manager for AIX on the Enhanced Operator Console and to perform several job tracking functions from the printer normally only available on Infoprint Manager Operations for AIX. Follow-on stocks of these maintenance supplies are ordered by the customer through IBM. This feature may require additional memory.

The following items, available from IBM, are included in the price of the printer infprint a parallel channel attachment is specified: A wide range of outline font typestyles, in a variety of language families, are also available as resident fonts on the printer hard disk. 0400, IBM warranty terms apply. Font sizes from 4 to 72 points approximately 1 inch high are supported.


Footer links Contact Privacy Terms of use Accessibility. Two bottles per carton Minimum order quantity: Inofprint fonts must be downloaded from PSF host libraries in the resolution and size required for printing. Likewise, the new developer unit can be easily slid off the cart and installed in the printer.

infkprint HOWEVER, in order to achieve and sustain best machine performance and print quality, it is important for machines that will print continuously for periods of 4 hours or more be operated within the following environmental envelope:. The new GUI, along with the new Infoprint Operations Architecture, is the basis for future improvements in operator help and printer management functions.

This allows for bolder-looking print without using extra toner and for darker solid areas without filling in the fine white details.

IBM InfoPrint 4000 IS1 Supplies

A feature is available that extends the ib, length to 28 inches. The distance between the Multistation Access Units can be increased with either the or Optical Fiber Repeater. One container per carton Minimum order quantity: The stacker can stack paper with lengths between 7 and 14 inches and mm.