I see that for consumables there is a drum kit, a toner kit and a fuser kit Mine seems to have a drum kit in it, I got a toner kit – but no sign of a fuser kit – is it a part of the drum kit, the top or something else??? Is there anybody that can use it? Is it worth getting repaired I just bought a new toner cartridge or is there anything I can do for it myself? My KX-P is producing an E31 error message. I have hooked the printer to the hard drive correctly with a printer cable. Saw the exact same thing once in an office with that had 2 identical HP3s. To upgrade on this unit you have to purchace an up grade M Board fits underneath the machine and then buy the upgrade sims up to 5 Meg The last on I did 10 years ago cost about Canadian.

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Is this printer worth keeping?

PANASONIC-KX-P Panasonic Laser Printer Kx-P44 at

IT said the printer needs more memory. Using Windows XP, tried changing the cables and the computer recognizes it is connected. This bums me out.


I do have a few Windows XP laptops around, but I can always hook them up to a newer printer. Printer kc-p4410 Error E Fuser not getting hot enough.

If it’s a black line, there isn’t anything else. For one, the computer is not called the harddrive. I tested the printer on another computer and it worked.

Printer: Panasonic KX-P | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

There is a wiper blade that is supposed to keep it clean. If not, it’s the transfer corona wire. Prints fine from notepad and Internet Explorer.

Go into your bios settings and see if they parralel port is on. I will try your tip tonight. Searched the internet for answers to no avail. It’s been sitting in the box for years.

pirnter Need a driver to install to a microsoft xp have never used this printer with this computer. If you find a solution, please let me know. Your recommendation was a burned out fuser lamp.

Should have been more specific in first query! I can’t get my KX-P to print from my parrallel port on my laptop.


Panasonic KX-P4410 Manuals

A driver was located and that didn’t accomplish anything. Lately however, its printing with a black haze It also could be a bit of dust on the laser mirror. As time permits, I’m researching the problem from a different driver newerto excessive printr loaded and so on.

My KX-P is producing an E31 error message. It’s not a black line – just the opposite – a faint line Fuser is the part at the back that gets real hot and melts the toner onto the page. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

A friend just gave me a mint condition Panasonic KX-P with a brand new toner cartridge. Again, thanks for the reply.

Is there anybody that can use it? I am having the same problem with my printer at work. It probably has failed. Dick, You can still use the printer.