Mercedes Martinez defeated Heidi Lovelace. Ivelisse c defeated LuFisto. Martinez executing a snap suplex on Missy. Nel dodicesimo evento, non diventa la nuova contendente al titolo perdendo un three way match, vinto da Jessica Havok. Professional wrestling match types — Many types of wrestling matches, sometimes called concept or gimmick matches in the jargon of the business, are performed in professional wrestling. Dark Angel is a top tier wrestler, which I picked up from just one match I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wrestle before. Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera.

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Tag team match tournament match for the vacant Shine Tag Team Championship. Malia Hosaka defeated Brandi Lauren. Thunderkitty defeated Malia Hosaka.

This Week in Stardom: April 24th, 2017 Edition

Dark Angel gets Shirai on her shoulders and applies a backbreaker before flinging her to the mat. Rksa usually have established tag teams that most often compete in team matches rather than singles matches, though teams will often break up to pursue a singles career, teams often consist of real-life friends or relatives.

But here she finally has her first match and it is against the energetic Wolf. Next they trade elbows, Hojo knocks Yasukawa into the corner and starts marching but Yasukawa pulls her down from behind by her hair.

Yim performing a pilefriver piledriver on Candice LeRae. After graduating from college, Yim received an invitation to train, through Reinas relationship with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, Yim also learned Mexican lucha libre.


Falcon Joshi Blog: Lucha Sisters Lock Up Belts in Signature Pro

Dropkick by La Rosa Negra and she chops Iwatani into the corner, she goes for a suplex but Iwatani lands pjledriver her feet and hits a Piledriber Lights Suplex for a two count. German suplex hold by Shirai, she picks up Dark Angel and plants her with a tombstone piledriver. In NovemberHendrix won the OVW Womens Championship, holding the championship for days, the following week, the storyline Gut Check Challenge judges decided to sign Hendrix to a contract, based on her performance.

Raquel defeated Tessa Blanchard. Perez posing in the ring during roaa 2CW show in The best thing about this show is that nothing was bad. For the next 50 years, workers in Ybor Citys cigar factories rolled hundreds of millions of cigars annually, Ybor City was unique in the American South as a successful town almost entirely populated and owned by immigrants.

Amber O’Neal versus Luscious Latasha. Last Women Standing match.

Falcon Joshi Blog: Bombshells 3-Way Tournament Final: Mia Yim v La Rosa Negra v Jessie Kaye

Iwatani grabs La Rosa Negra’s wrist and flips off the ropes with an armdrag, La Rosa Negra falls out of the ring and Iwatani goes to the top turnbuckle. If you don’t know who Anou is, don’t feel bad.

Nel ventunesimo evento, provano piledrriver riconquistare i titoli, ma vengono sconfitte.

Nell’episodio di Xplosion del 10 dicembre, Jade ha sconfitto Raquel. She initially trained with All Pro Wrestlings boot camp, in the beginning, Amato had to nwgra hours training, as wrestling did not come naturally to her.


Shine Wrestling events

Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. Tracy Taylor defeated Amber O’Neal.

Nell’episodio di Xplosion del 20 febbraio, Jade ha sconfitto Chelsea. The cigar industry employed thousands of workers, helping Tampa grow from an economically depressed village to a bustling city in about 20 years. Wolf suplexes Mimura, she goes to the top turnbuckle and nails a diving double kneedrop for a three count! Back in the ring, Iwatani kicks La Rosa Negra in the gut and she delivers a spinning headscissors.

Jessicka Havok fought Nikki Roxx to a double count out. Brandi Lauren defeated Amber Nova by submission. Anou wrestles for a small promotion called Actress girl’Z. Her focus on the back was on point, almost all of her offense focused on Shirai’s back area which directly lead to her finisher which targets During Moxleys hardcore match with Tommy Dreamer, Von Eerie entered the ring and slapped Dreamer, who then proceeded to give her a piledriver.

Hojo wins the match and is the new 1 Contender.