Running Monitor on Startup If we want the monitor to run each time the computer is switched on we can add it to the as a startup application by searching for and running “Startup Applciations” from the hub. This is the latest driver from canon. Click the buttons “Print Test Page”. Download and install the drivers. Other subreddits you may like: Please note after installing the driver you must still add and configure your printer read below. Canon Printing Status Monitor Command:

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Click “next”, find your model and add your printer. This worked for me in Linux Mint 17 bit which is more or less Ubuntu After you’ve added the printer it most likely will not print anything, even though cups sees it.

CanonCaptDrv – Community Help Wiki

Therefore using this script is the best approach for users of 64bit Ubuntu, while for the 32bit users it’s just an automation of the manual install mode. Submit a ubujtu text post.

Find the debian packages in the v2. Everything looks ok, I can see my printer if I go in “settings” but it says it is inactive and it doesn’t print. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Once extracted it will have both the 32bit drivers, and the 64bit drivers. The documentation should provide a list of these. Ubunfu for starters at least, you uubntu to install libpng: Right click on the printer and choose properties.


It may cease to work after restarting the system.

Canon 2900 working on linux

If you’re posting for help, please include the following details, so that we can help you more efficiently:. This means you machine is now configured to print correctly. Enable the cups init script update-rc.

Fix this in the config file and restart ccpd. Page History Login to edit. This guide will not cover setting up cups for network printing.

Canon working on linux | OH1E Riku’s Blog

Exiting with failure status due to previous errors install. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

200 you do, you are lucky If you only see one number here, then try restarting the computer, or possibly you could try replacing the ccpd start up script with the one on this pageand then restart the computer. Cleaning If for any reason you need to clean the printer you can access this tool from the status monitor.


Hugolpz 1 At this point you should again be able to print a test page all being well.


For an alternative open source driver, see foo2capt. If you’re posting for help, please include the following details, so that we can help you more efficiently: Also If you do not have you exact model in list, choose nearest.

If not make sure the printer is switched on.

So, both these ports need to be uubntu in the firewall setting. Rinzwind k 28 Only one ccpd process running after system startup. Hidden until error occurs The -e option causes the monitor to stay hidden until an error occurs like when you run out of paper.

Run the following command: Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? If all goes well the system should restart and at the login page be able to print from another computer.