When I was growing up through the 90s, I only ever owned machines that had legitimate Sound Blaster cards in them. The card emulates an sb pro though in a windows dosbox the set blaster variables are just [in my case] a i5 d1, so you have to add t4 yourself. There are considerations for other chipsets:. The integrated Crystal chips don’t have this problem. All second, third and fourth generation cards support the Sound Blaster Pro 2. Users browsing this forum:

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When the parts are so much cheaper than their original retail price, it’s a ;ro more difficult to decide on just one set of parts.

VOGONS • View topic – Aztech Waverider Pro D

Also found some more that are indicated to be for Washington. For all cards, you’ll want to grab the driver pack from Vogons Drivers.

These are PnP cards. There may be a jumper on your board that allows you to select port instead of if you have it set tothen use that number instead. I cant see any logo or name on the PCB but in the pictures below you can see all the chips and layout of the card.

Aztech ISA Sound Cards

The AZT chipsets should work great if you’re looking for the latest hardware without PnP configuration. This will be a constantly updated post as new information becomes available.


What’s interesting about cards that come from Aztech is they wagerider to replicate features from the Sound Blaster extremely well. These are all first generation cards.

I know exactly what you mean now. Glean as much information from prk thread as you can. Westwood later published a revised setup utility to enable users select a different soundcard for each type of game audio: Once I find out a way to get the cards working in my machine, I will update this post.

Users browsing this forum: There are considerations for other chipsets: There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

The main problem with the card is that sound effects in dos games are accompanied by a huge amount of background static or noise. If you have a really fast machine and are experiencing some issues with stuttering audio, try grabbing 3x of these cards. I will check some more to make sure.

The appears to be the highest model that does not use PnP and also has a Wave Blaster header. In order wavetider do this, you need this line in your config. Do you know what the small PCB is that is attached to the main board in the middle of the sound card? It seems that it’s the standalone Crystal chips that do it.


Aztech ISA Sound Cards

Super clear sound and virtually no background noise. Thanks to the folks over at Vogonsit was revealed that there were many other kinds of compatible sound pr and clones that were as good, if not better, than their Creative counterparts. If you know, let me know!

The AZT chipset uses PnP for configuration, and thus requires a little extra work to get operational, but can also be configured entirely via software. It’s so bad it pretty much ruins some games.

If something doesn’t work let me know. Google [Bot] and 1 guest. All second, third and fourth generation cards support the Sound Blaster Pro 2. EXE while in the driver folder and see if you get FM music.

However, such driver can be written, since Miles AIL2 library is open-sourced now. I have turned it down both in windows and dos.