Oh and by the way, that comment makes absolutely no sense to me, but maybe someone else can elaborate on how running a race oil will lead to higher temps just because you’re not beating on it.. Hi Iain, The multigrade consists in two values. Search for Nissan stuff on ebay! At higher temperatures, a high oil film resistance is touted, which works to reduce engine wear. Red line 5w has most of the spec of LL01FE: What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

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Now, I must admit that prior to this, I was one of those sceptics when it came to engine oils. View attachment So how do I read this? Hello I put some v in on the last oil service MY97 turbo miles ago and someone told me today that it’s a race oil and should not really be used for normal road use. Still, I thought it could be psychological. You are going to have to make that decision on your own. Is it safe for a daily? Just man up to it and run the best.


Motul v for engine oil?? | – Singapore BMW Owners Discussion Forum

Send a private message to yamahaSHO. Find More 300v by user Hope this helps and as always – YMMV. I pull a lbs trailer across the Rockies in Canada. A 15 if used in dily is perfect, bearing in mind that could be too thick for winter time. That just sounds absurd, but I’m no chemical engineer. Since Royal P is cheaper for me I get it for cost at work I use it.

Is there any truth to this? Would it be a case of overkill?

Motul 300v for engine oil??

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Also a can cope with temperature in the order of -5 C approx.

We used ester based oils for turbine lubrication due to the extremely low shear rate and longevity. And those people suggest to use Motul for street use. Personally – amongst all of the oil I drained and played around with – Used Shell helix has a stench that is quite distinct This is my first Ducati so I don’t want to burn it up with weird oil.

I used pennzoil ultra and thought it feels better than the castrol 0w and 5w I have been running Royal Purple 10w40 forever and can continue running that but if there is something better i would rather use it instead.


More often i have been seeing that you can use racing oil everyday but you must change it more often.

Otherwise, you might have to do a mid life oil change. Coming Soon My Threads Posts: So far, it is way above any motor oil I’ve been around. Moyul real reason not to use Motul V oil?

The first one is the viscosity when cold and the second is the viscosity when hot. Motul V 10w40 daily.

Motul 300V Motorsport Line: race tech tested on-road

If cost is a factor Mobil one is good. This gives an advantage in terms of hp that in normal “road conditions” is absolutely marginal. Initially I was with German Castrol till then Mobil one then Bmw original then liquid moly then motul v twice